Mohammed Giga. What is or is not Islam? 15.12.2016.

We live in troubled times for the humanity due to intensified manifestations of violence and terrorism, which some people try to associate with religion, including Islam. Indeed, the Islamic Law (Sharia) urges us to further benefaction and counter the evil. However, religious commitment and devotion are not extremism, cruelty, backwardness or fanaticism. The Almighty bestows prosperity and good fortune upon those who uphold His Law regardless of the time and location of any one of them.

Islam has always countered terrorism and extremes as evidenced by Hadith (account) of the words of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, meaning: "Beware of going to extremes in religion for those before you have perished because of extremes in religion."

The ideology of extremism and terrorism is an ideology of particular persons and groups. They disseminate their destructive ideology in the society, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT PERFORM THE CRIMES THEMSELVES, and falsely represent their corrupted ideology directed against the humankind as the true Islamic teaching.

TRUTH MUST BE EXPLAINED, regretfully, in these times there are not many people who are able to expose the destructive, subversive ideologies, upon which false comprehension is based and which lead to lies and substitution of values, blurring the lines between good and evil, truth and misconception in religious matters. 

One of key reasons leading to attacks on Islam and Muslims is a number of false fatwās (legal opinions) made by BOGUS PREACHERS – ADEPTS OF THE EXTREMIST IDEOLOGY. To these people attacking Islam refer to. These fatwās feed extremist ideologies and have a global impact on goings-on in the entire Muslim world. It takes place against the background of ignorance and a few theologians (Islamic scholars), who have experienced deeply the Truth.

There are honourable scholars who have filled this world with authentic knowledge and experience. The greatest Imams (leaders) "Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama`ah (the people of the sunnah and the community of the followers of the true teaching of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him)" have produced great writings containing clear answers and unquestionable evidence against misguided movements and sects trying to introduce into Islam novelties that contradict to Sharia, distort its essence. AS ONE OF THE AFOREMENTIONED IMAMS BADRUDDIN AZ-ZARKASHI HAS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK "Tasnif al-Masami": "Truly, THE RIGHTEOUS IMAMS are obliged to confront those who disseminate novelties not supported by the religion." 

NOWADAYS EXTREMISTS USE RELIGION TO DECEIVE REGULAR PEOPLE, especially the weak and uninformed. The number of people with religious education has significantly decreased in the world during the last decades, AND TRUE RELIGIOUS ENLIGHTENERS HAVE BEEN SUPERSEDED BY SPECIALLY TRAINED SECTARIAN PREACHERS. THUS PEOPLE WHO ARE UNABLE TO DISCERN AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FROM SECTARIAN ADDITIONS AND CRAVE ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE are filled with extremist views and attitudes by extremist organisations and terrorists and recruited by them on a massive scale.

What is the way out of this situation?

It is possible to counter the ideological incursion of extremists causing rupture and chaos in the Muslim community. Though to achieve any success two parallel directions must be worked on:
• first of all, people must be given the true knowledge of ISLAM *, the knowledge carefully preserved by previous generations of believers;
• secondly, one must beware of misconceptions propagated by different sects, including those that identify themselves as Islamic centres and organisations.


*Islam is an Arabian term, which denotes the religion all Prophets and Messengers of God adhered to. Islam is faith in, worship of One God according to Sharia (i.e. the Law of God).

Islam is not a new religion: all Prophets and Messengers had one Faith, the same beliefs, they all urged people to believe in One God and follow His Law, i.e. they called upon people to join Islam. Islam is also the religion of Angels, practised by them before the creation of humankind.

Prophets and Messengers came from different nations. Since the last of the Prophets was an Arab, religious terms in Arabian have got widespread use all over the world: "halāl" ("permissible"), "haram" ("forbidden"), "Islām" (submission to One God), "Sharia" (the Law of God) a.o.

Muslims believe in Allah. Allah is the name of the Almighty, which in Arabian and in other languages means "God". Unfortunately some people who speak the word "Allah", do not understand its essence and believe in something else, which they call God.

Muslims accept and believe that God is the Only Creator and everything has been created by Him. What does "created by God" mean? It means that before creation there was nothing but God, He existed and His Existence is eternal and without beginning.

Allah does not resemble His creatures. He differs from everything by the Essence, Attributes and Deeds. The Creator does not resemble anything one could imagine. This is what Muslims believe. Muslims say that God does not need anything, is not confined to one place, does not reside anywhere, because He existed before all creation and after creating everything continues to exist without any change, without passing from one state of existence into another. God does not resemble any of His creation.

Muslims say the following about Prophets: Muslims believe without any doubt in all Prophets, from the first – Prophet Adam - to the last  — Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them, including Prophets Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus), Ibrahim (Abraham), Nuh (Noah) and the rest. Approximately 124 thousand Prophets have been sent in total.

Muslims must believe in all Prophets and love them without any exceptions. Muslims say: "Isa, the son of Maryam" in English is "Jesus, the son of Mary", and the same man is meant. This applies to other Prophets as well, for example: Musa – Moses, Ibrahim – Abraham, Nuh – Noah etc.

Prophets urged people to believe in One God, all of Them were Muslims by Faith. The only difference between them was that at different times in history different Sharias (Laws of God) were in force, and believers were required to uphold the Law of their time. All Muslims believe that Adam and Hawwaa (Eve), peace be upon Them, were the first human beings, and all the rest are their children, their descendants. Allah gave to Prophet Adam Sharia (Laws), which were in force in those days. With the arrival of new Messengers Laws of God concerning rituals could change (for example, the number of required prayers (salahs) in a day changed, changes occurred in matters related to fasting-days, marriage ceremony etc.). Some laws apply at all times in history, for example: do not take any human being`s life, do not steal, do not deceive, do not commit adultery. However, in regard to the postulates of faith, regardless of the number of Prophets sent at different times in history, They all urged people to believe in One God.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, said: "The best words uttered by me and all Prophets before me are: "lā ilāha illā llāh" ("There is no god but One God")".

Muslims who lived during the time of Prophet Musa (Moses), peace be upon Him, recognised all Prophets before Him and said: "lā ilāha illā llāh wa Musa rasūlu llāh" ("There is no god but One God and Moses is the Messenger of God"). Muslims who lived during the time of Prophet Isa (Jesus), peace be upon Him, said: "lā ilāha illā llāh wa Isa rasūlu llāh" ("There is no god but One God and Jesus is the Messenger of God"). We recognise and love all Prophets who came before Muhammad, peace be upon Him, and say: "lā ilāha illā llāh wa Muḥammadun rasūlu llāh" ("There is no god but One God and Mohammad is the Messenger of God"). The one who does not believe in or does not love even one of the Prophets, is not a Muslim. If somebody says that he believes in One God and all Prophets, but wants to abide by the Law of Prophet Adam, that is not acceptable in our time: in our days another Law of God is in force, therefore a believer in One God is obliged to abide by the Sharia of Prophet Muhammad, the last Messenger of God, peace be upon Him, otherwise he contradicts the Laws given by the Almighty. 

Who believes fervently and has recited: "There is no god but One God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God", or other words with the same meaning, becomes a Muslim.

All Prophets proclaimed that there will be the Day of Judgement, when everyone will be held responsible for their actions, words and convictions, and they proclaimed to people the existence of Paradise and hell. We do not know when a man will die: it could happen in a year or in a minute. A man could die a disbeliever and go to hell for eternity. May each one of us take care and preserve Faith until the end of one`s days, die with Faith and abide in Paradise for all eternity.

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