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Non-governmental organisations that work with newcomers and integration issues

"Shelter "Safe House""
The organisation provides support services to persons who have suffered from human trafficking, to legal migrants, including asylum seekers, refugees and persons who have been granted alternative status, in order to ensure the individual’s right to receive relevant assistance and protection. The organisation is the participant of the Advisory Council for Integration of Third Country Nationals.
Latvian Centre for Human Rights
The organisation deals with issues of human rights education and research of human rights and national relations. Lawyers provide free consultancy in relation to human rights issues. The organisation is the participant of the Advisory Council for Integration of Third Country Nationals.

Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS
The organisation conducts policy analysis, research, interest protection, it engages in the development of policy documents and laws, informing of the society and training, including on immigrant integration issues.
Baltic Institute of Social Sciences
The Institute conducts research in social and ethnic integration, including immigrant integration matters.
Association White House
The organisation promotes social integration, harmony and development of wellbeing of the society and individuals. It provides support to immigrants in Latgale in the form of information and social contacts and teaching the Latvian language and history.
International Organisation for Migration, Riga Office 
Organises training for representatives of different professions regarding prevention of racism and intolerance, as well as integration and language courses for women – third country nationals.
Education Development Centre
Organises educational events to facilitate development of an educated and democratic society, promote civic participation and professional competitiveness and provides among others, integration courses for immigrants.The organisation is the participant of the Advisory Council for Integration of Third Country Nationals.

The Latvian Red Cross (LatRC)

Provides humanitarian relief services to people, who need it most. LatRC has experience of many years work with groups of population exposed to the social exclusion risk – individual clients, groups, families with children, third country nationals, asylum seekers, refugees, persons under subsidiary protection. It helps people to overcome the crisis and promotes inclusion of these persons into Latvian society.

In special cases it provides temporary (3–6 months) accommodation to homeless persons upon prior referral from Riga Social Service.

Society „Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem” (I want to help refugees

A society of volunteers who provide practical support to asylum seekers and refugees (charitable fundraising, provision of clothing and food, assistance with finding a place to live and employment etc.).

Information available at: 

Creative association for youth “TREPES” (STAIRS)

Volunteer work with children, young people and seniors from groups that have to be socially included, inter-cultural education seminars and training, everyday speech classes, Latvian cultural evenings, creative workshops for children, youth and families.

Society “Svētā Jāņa palīdzība” (St. John’s Help)

A public-benefit organisation that provides practical assistance and support to people in dire or exceptional circumstances. Provides humanitarian assistance – points of distribution of clothing and footwear in Riga and Latvia, and soup kitchens for people with low income.

Foundation “Caritas Latvija”

Provides humanitarian assistance to risk groups, including asylum seekers, refugees and persons under subsidiary protection (one time food packages as necessary, donations of clothing).

Cultural Association „Dialogu nams” (House of Dialogues

The society strives to promote social unity, ensure contact among communities, promote inter-cultural communication, involve people by means of discussion forums, courses, conventions, facilitate dialogue on a number of social issues.

Society “Sadarbības platforma” (Platform for Cooperation)

The society is a “platform for cooperation” – a new platform for a dialogue among various cultures in a civil society. Its aim is improvement of microclimate in the society, facilitation of development of a uniform society and creation of a constantly operating platform made up of societies and foundations of various ethnic groups in its core.

Diaspora organisations registered in Latvia or abroad take an active part in the society’s activities.

Arabic Culture Center

Promotes social inclusion of Arabs into the Latvian society and the society of the European Union and strengthens cultural and social ties between the Arab world and Latvia by organising training and information events on Arab culture, Arabic language courses and implementing other activities and projects.

“Cultural and Education Centre “Miras”” 

The goal of the societys operation is facilitation of understanding of Muslim nations through culture and education; promote education, science, culture, art of Muslim nations, personal spiritual development; strengthen peace, friendship and unity among nations; avert national and religious conflicts etc.

The Salvation Army 

Helps anyone in a crisis. We help asylum seekers, refugees and persons under subsidiary protection by providing them with clothing, footwear and things small children require — baby carriages, child restraints and other things. We try to help to our best ability.


Association "Inovāciju atbalsta centrs" (Innovation Support Centre)

Promotes the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of education, culture and economics to support resolution of social integration issues and other issues in the social sphere. Implements a formal and non-formal education programme. It is active in the field of pre-school and informal education and cooperates with various organisations (public, non-governmental organisations, legal entities) in Latvia and abroad.

Association "Civic Alliance - Latvia"

Strengthens civil society in Latvia, supports the common interests of non-governmental organisations in Latvia and creates a favourable environment for the functioning of associations and foundations.

Association "Creative Ideas"

The association implements projects in the field of integration and is involved in activities that promote inter-cultural dialogue, preservation of intangible cultural heritage and strengthening of the non-governmental sector, as well as activation of young people and strengthening of entrepreneurship in rural regions.

Association “ERFOLG” 

The association organizes various events, competitions, seminars, trainings, and creative workshops, which are available not only to members of the association, but also to other residents of Daugavpils city and region. The association implements various projects – international youth exchanges, initiatives, and training, as well as networking projects.

All activities of the association are aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, diversification of integration measures, and common interest exchange. 

Association “Radošās iniciatīvas centrs” (Center for Creative Initiative) 

The aim of the association is to perform public benefit activities in the field of lifelong learning, charity, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue; to promote comprehensive development of children and young people based on respect for one another and the environment around us;
to support active participation of adults and seniors in the processes taking place in society;
to promote the recognition of art and culture as a resource for the development of society.

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